YES you CAN!

For the first time, I have joined an online class called Lifebook 2016 from and let me just say..WOW!  This is a year long class broken into weeks taught by 26 different teachers.  This experience has just been so amazing, from the warmup session called creativity takes courage:IMG_20160101_174753902_HDR


Taught by Tamara Laporte, to another lesson about freeing your inner child taught by Anna Hamman:IMG_20160122_200430843.

All of the classes so far have been amazing and have reminded me gently, and kindly, that I can do this!  And guess what?  If I can do it, you can too!  Check out videos on YouTube, all for free and all for fun!




Be brave, and PLAY!

Art journaling has been an amazing journey, one I’m still on!  But maybe you’re wondering how to start or what its all about.

Thinking hard, my journey actually began waaaay back in highschool when I would be in the art room looking at others art thinking…wow, I can never do that.  Why did I feel this way?  Why was I too afraid to even try?  I’m not sure, but its taken me until recently to realize that YES I can!  I can do art, and I CAN be brave and try! And so can YOU!

Fast forward to adulthood and this amazing thing called the internet and YouTube and BAM!  There are actually tons of resources out there that can help! I found that videos from Carolyn Dube ( and Tamara Laporte ( and Jane Davenport ( who are some of my favorites 🙂 and PS…some of them are even free too!

So I watched lots and lots of videos, ignored my internal fear monster, bought a mixed media journal (Canson brand) used some paints, tissue papers, glittery beads, and created this!


It kind of looks like everything is just plopped out there ha-ha, but it was my brave first step at art journaling.  I used what I had and I played, and guess what?  It was FUN!

It’s been a little over a year, and I am still loving it!  Now my pages look more like this:

For me, its a wonderful release, where I can be a kid again!  Where I am free to create anything!  I hope you start or continue on your journey too!  Start small, takes steps, be brave, and PLAY!

Art Play = Joy!

FB_IMG_1452397069617What creates joy?  So many things make me happy, the sound of my children laughing, hearing my favorite song on the radio, the feeling of a paintbrush in my hand.  Creating with color has always brought a smile on my face and I am so pleased to share it with you! FB_IMG_1452397295512

I am in love (and not just with my husband…shhh don’t tell!) with colors, with mixed media and art journalling! Here are some fun examples of my art play!

For me, it all began slowly, taking one step at a time, being BRAVE and realizing that this is play…remember playing with art as a child?  Well it can be fun again!  It’s playing with colors…its creating joy.  I found it, and so can you!