ART is Everywhere!

It’s just amazing that art is literally everywhere!  From a blade of grass,  a beautiful sunset, or the smile of a loved one!  Taking the time to appreciate this art is something that’s just good for the soul.

Art can be created just as easily, from a simple pencil line to an intricate and precise detailed drawing…we just need to take the time to see it.

Here is some recent art play in my art journal.  It started out as a junk page that I put extra paint on from other projects. (Some are Dylusions sprays, various stencils, and DecoArt metallic gold craft paint) I found a note my 5 year old wrote and glued that in, and a small piece of washi tape that came from some happy mail recently. Lastly I added the face with Stabilo All pencil.


Playing is so much fun, even when you don’t have a plan.  I find that not having a plan actually puts LESS pressure on you, and we are more FREE to create! And we all know free is good 🙂

Here is a recent page inspired by a lesson from Life Book 2016 from that was super fun to do!  It was more involved than my free page, but still kept those creative juices flowing!


Let’s all open our eyes to the art and see what beauty the world has for us!


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