Art Heals

Recently I posted about how art heals on my Facebook page and I was happily surprised about how many agree with me!  We are so fortunate to have found a way to not only express ourselves, but also a way to fill our lives with joy.

For myself, when I get my hands dirty let the world go and play with art I feel so much happier.  Such joy in the act of just creating something!!  Whether it’s for myself or for others…just that ahhhhh feeling comes over me.  Now I wonder and ask, is it like this for you?


An empathy feather inspired by Tamara Laporte!

Besides it’s healing effect, I also enjoy trying different forms of art!  On a recent trip to the library I came across the Pam Carriker book, Mixed Media Portraits.  I have done a few sketches from it in an altered book.  It’s such a fun and different approach for more lifelike faces.


Try something new today, and feel that soothing healing feeling for yourself!