What is Art?

In my summertime musings I am surrounded by children, sunlight, and  thoughts of creating. This summer has proven difficult for me to actually create…but it’s never far from my thoughts.

A question popped into my brain the other day, and I asked myself…”What is art, what does it mean?” I hadn’t really thought about that too much and it occurred to me that what one person thinks of as art, my not be the same as what others believe.

To me, art is a variety of things…anything that can be created!  From a song, a building, acting, writing, paintings, drawings, to a beautiful plate of food…holy cow the list goes on and on!!  

It’s these things that are created and admired that define art (for me).  What is art to you?

If it touches someone, somewhere…if there’s that connection, or feeling, THAT is what art is.  For all the negatives that life offers…. remember too that art is all around us.

“…With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.” – Desiderata by Max Ephman