Fear of the Blank Page


Oh no…is this image daunting to you?  It’s a plain white page…an empty vast blank page…calling you out!!


Don’t let your fear take over, don’t let this empty space get in your head.  I know that feeling…that dreaded empty white page feeling…and I’ve learned to over come it, and so can you!

Step #1  BREATHE…it is only a empty page.  Really, we put so much pressure on ourselves that sometimes we may forget that it is only a page.

Step #2  GET MESSY…lol, that’s one of the fun things about art (for me at least)!  Grab some random paints…a pencil, a pen…some cute papers or tapes!  Just slap something on that page!


Step #3  PLAY!!!   There should be NO pressures at all…just create, spray paints, grab some colored pencils…and just put something out there.  Does it have to be perfect?  NO!  Does it have to be pretty?  NO!  It will be a layer in something you create…



Now…Get out there and play!!  Have fun!  Art doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to make you SMILE!  🙂