Make A Mess!

Remember as a child being told to:

“Clean up your mess…”


“Don’t make a mess…”


“Careful, it could spill…”

Well, something I’ve learned is that making a mess can actually be okay!  It can even be fun!  Getting something, anything on paper can be a wonderful way to express your thoughts and feelings.

Today, it started with a relatively blank piece of mixed media paper (just some clean up from another project).


Then…grabbing any color that called to me, I began making marks…


This is teal and white craft paints spread on the paper with an old credit card.  I also dabbed it here and there.


Next, some red…just cuz!  Playing with paint makes me happy!  I even used a spongy brush to make marks!


Well…then I got crazy and added some black, some brown ink…some yellow from my fingers.  Added some pink and sprayed with water…letting the drips slide down the page!  Then orange!  And scratching into the wet paint with the back of a paintbrush too!

And here it is now…is it messy?  YES!  Is it beautiful?  No…but it doesn’t need to be!!!  It was fast and FUN getting to play and be messy!

So I say, go ahead…make a mess, (I won’t tell!)  play and just have fun 🙂