Art in Life

Ever get that uninspired feeling?  Ever wonder where you can turn to get that inspiration back?  Well I may have some ideas for you!  Now this may sound simple and trite…But believe it or not, inspiration can actually be found all around you!!

This fun and funky world offers us limitless forms of inspiration!  From a budding tree in spring, to the clothes on your back…Looked at in just the right way, can inspire!  Here…Check this out:


This is a pattern on a blouse I have…Which has inspired this shape


Which can be used in many different forms of artwork, it can even be colored, or ripped up and used as collage in different things!

Colors can also be so super inspiring too!  Just look at the sky, wherever you are…Those sunrise or sunset colors are just MAGICAL!!  So next time, grab your phone, snap up a picture of that sky and use those colors in your next piece!  Or if the colors aren’t there, maybe check out the clouds!


Need more inspiration?  Look at the shapes around you!  Here, check this out:


Just some colored pencils…But looked at in a different way, these can be a super inspiration!

So, next time you get that “feeling”…Take a look around you!  Snap some pics, share with others! (You never know, your pic of budding spring flowers may just inspire countless others!!)

Happy Friday ❤️


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